Welcome to this page related to the specialized Master in Data Science, Big data ULB. If you need informations on the program, you can find them via the following link: https://www.ulb.ac.be/programme/MS-BGDA/index.html.

Complementary informations can be obtained

I provide below some additional useful informations. Our secretary for the program is Patricia Semeraro (patricia.semeraro@ulb.ac.be). Feel free to contact her if you have some question.

  • October 15: deadline for the ``PAE"(programme annuel de l'étudiant). You need to choose your program for this date. That is you need to (i) complete a form with your choice of optional courses and (ii) choose between a classical master thesis or an internship in a company. You have to discuss your choices with me and then complete a form with the secretary.
  • October 31: deadline for the ``demande d'allègement". If you want to split your program into two years to make it lighter, you need to complete the form you find via https://www.ulb.ac.be/enseignements/inscriptions/allegement.html